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Card Guy Andy began working at Dave & Adam's Card World late in 2011. His interests include modern Hockey and 1980's baseball cards. You can follow Card Guy Andy on Twitter & Facebook

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Dave & Adam’s Super Mega Ultimate 2012 National Card Show Review

For six days and five nights in Baltimore, Maryland the 2012 National Card Show had to deal with a crew of 14 from the world famous Dave & Adam’s Card World, and I think the town needs a little recovery time. Roaring into town with 4 trucks packed with 30 skids of ball cards, we […]

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The Day I learned how to play Magic The Gathering.

A day that will surely live in infamy. Two things crossed my mind when I received a text from Dave & Adam’s gaming product manager on my way home from work last Friday. The first being why I even gave the gaming product manager my number in the first place and the second being why […]

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Retail Confessions: My Time Behind The Glass, Part 1

It was my first day working in a card store and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I nearly became numb once I stepped foot on the other side of those glass cases to hang my coat. Every card collector has goals; Putting together a vintage set, obtaining a Gem Mint 10 from PSA or […]

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Ever see a Baseball Card Contract?

With the release of 2012 Topps Archives today, collectors will immediately be brought back to the 80s & 90s with the classic throwback design and buy back autographs loaded in the product. Something else they will find is the contracts that made it all possible .. In our case, we found the Topps Trading Card […]

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A Hot Minute .. My One Night Stand With The Cup.

I stood like a zombie in the middle of my card room scanning the chaos one Saturday morning. Stuff everywhere, not organized or stored properly, a product of being absolutely lazy all winter. I can only blame myself, I mean if I won an award for being lazy, I’d probably send someone to pick it […]

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Vision Quest: The 1990 Topps Frank Thomas Error Card

Admit it, you have always wanted one. I’m willing to bet as soon as you found out something like this could possibly exist, you searched the basement for your 1990 Topps collection and flipped through the cards hoping for it to be staring right back at you. I’m talking about the elusive 1990 Topps Frank […]

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